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To: APL Tennis Club Membership

From: Tournament Chair

Subject: 2003 Summer Singles Round Robin Series

The APL Tennis Club 2003 Summer Singles Round Robin Series will begin on Monday, 7 July and end on Monday 15 September. Entries must be received by the Tournament Chair - Duncan Brown, no later than 2 July. The tournament will be run as a round robin series with all players competing against every other player in their division. The two players with the best records (most wins) will then play each other at the end of the series for the championship. The following rules will apply:

  1. There will be separate A, B and C bracket if participation allows. Women are encouraged to play in any of the divisions. A minimum of 4 entries for each division will be needed to make a division viable. Specify your division preference on the form below.
  2. Matches will be 2 out of 3 sets with 7 point tiebreakers.
  3. Each player must bring one can of unopened, regulation tennis balls to each match. The winner will keep the unopened can.
  4. Players are responsible for scheduling matches with other players in their bracket. Match winners are responsible for recording results on the draw sheets at the courts.
  5. Players who cannot complete the round robin series by Sep 15 will forfeit games not played. The Tournament Director will adjudicate problems concerning scheduling where participants were unavailable for play.
  6. Division rosters will be posted and emailed to participants on 7 July.
  7. The APL courts are scheduled to be demolished sometime this summer. At present the demolition date is unknown. If the APL courts are no longer available, participants should continue to play matches on local courts and report their results via email to Duncan Brown. Some local courts are as follows (you may play on others):



PHONE: OFFICE________________ HOME________________________

Email: ______________________________

Division Preference: A___ B___ C___

Please return form to Duncan Brown, preferably by email by 2 July.