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APL Tennis Club Reservation Rules


1.      When making an online reservation, put the name of each player in the reservation and, if applicable, indicate that it is for a league or tournament.

2.      Each club member is limited to either 1 singles or 2 doubles online reservation(s) at a time.  The reservation “counts” against every member during that reservation.  This is to prevent people from monopolizing the courts. Reservations for APL Tennis Club leagues or tournaments do not count against this total.

3.      Same-day reservations are not allowed.  This is to help make sure that the schedule can be kept current and up-to-date at the courts.  It also prevents people from “stealing” a court from a walk-on player.

4.      Do not change other people’s reservations.  If you feel that someone is misusing the online reservations system, please inform one of the club officers.


How to use the online reservations system (


1.      When you have a court reserved, print out the schedule on the day of your reservation.  Write down the day and time that you printed the schedule on your copy of the printout.  When you get to the courts, if the schedule already at the court is older than your printout, replace the schedule with the more recent one.  Note that since there are no same-day reservations, if the schedule is printed on the current date, it will be accurate all day.  We will also try to have the court rolling team bring out the current day’s schedule when they roll the courts.  Hopefully, this method will keep the schedule accurate and up-to-date at the courts.




1.      A walk-on can use any court that is not reserved during the desired time period.  When arriving at the courts, a walk-on can check the schedule to see what courts are unreserved.  Note that if the schedule indicates that it was printed on the current date, then it is current and accurate.  Otherwise, it is possible that the schedule will be updated when other people arrive at the courts.

2.      If there are walk-ons waiting for a court to open, each group waiting should sign up on the walk-on waitlist at the podium.  As courts open up, they are filled in the order of the groups on the waitlist  People using the courts should vacate their court when their reservation is over or after they have played for two hours.