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We plan to run a Rotational Doubles League Summer/Fall Session this year, even though our courts may be destroyed soon. It looks like we may be able to start on our own courts. When they are taken down the league will complete on local public hard courts nearby. I intend to assign a fixed location for each division to reduce the coordination necessary to set up matches and to avoid over using any one particular set of nearby courts. I will make those designations later, but sites likely to be used include Atholton High School, River Hill High, Hammond High, and the courts off Leishear Road.

The intent of the Rotational Doubles League is to encourage regular, scheduled doubles play with more competitive matches and an opportunity for everyone who wants the chance to play. A, B and C divisions will be offered. We will need at least six players signed up for a division to make that division go. The League will start 14th of July and will conclude by the end of September.

The Rotational Doubles League will use the same rules as the Spring 2003 session. It will be doubles play with different partners for each set. Standings will be kept individually. Each week four players will be scheduled for each match. Players will rotate partners for each set. Play will use no ad scoring with a normal, seven-point tiebreaker at six all. In no ad scoring, the receiving team can choose which partner receives the serve when the score is at deuce and the next point wins the set. Each individual will get 7 points for winning a set and will score a point for each game won in a losing set. Matches missed and not made up by the deadline set by the league coordinator will result in a score of 0 for each set missed.

Matches will be scheduled on Mondays or Wednesdays to start at about 5:30 pm. Players should expect to play about five or six matches during the two months of the league. Players should each bring a new can of balls and flip a coin or spin a racquet to see who provides the balls. Matches must be played on the date scheduled (weather permitting) or made up within a week of the scheduled date unless the league director approves a delayed match.

If a player cannot make a scheduled date, it is the player's responsibility to find a competitive substitute. Preferably the substitute will come from the pool of players in the same division of the league who are not scheduled to play that week or from a pool of players approved as substitutes for the division. If you can't find a substitute, contact the league director. Substitutes can be used who are not in the league or who are in a different division of the league if the league director approves. We want the matches to go on when scheduled, but we also want to keep the play competitive. When using a substitute, you will receive the points earned by the substitute. To be eligible to win the league, a player must not have used a substitute more than once.

Please contact me by return email, by phone or by paper mail if you want to play in this league Not Later Than 7 July 2003 . Please provide the information below.

Name : ___________________________________

Office Phone:_____________________________

Home Phone: ______________________________

Division Preference: A B C

(Note: the director reserves the right to move players up or down one division if necessary to balance the divisions by ability and/or numbers)

Craig McDonald,, 443-778-4233
Rotational Doubles League Director