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The APL Tennis Club 2001 is trying a new event this fall, a weekend round robin singles tournament on the weekend of September 22nd and 23rd. You must be available both days to enter. Entries must be received by the tournament coordinator, Duncan Brown no later the deadline given below. The following rules will apply:

  1. The deadline for entries is 12 noon on Thursday, 20 September. To enter, return the attached entry form by email if possible, or call the Tournament Coordinator prior to the deadline.
  2. Start time: 9 AM each day: Saturday and Sunday
  3. Maximum of 8 players per division. There will be an A and B division if entries permit. Each player plays every other player once. For an 8 player division this would be 4 matches on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. Then the two players with the best record play each other on Sunday (others cheer and jeer).
  4. Each match consists of one pro set (first to win 8 games by one game). Each game uses no ad scoring (first to win four points wins - no ads or duces). Tiebreaker (if 7 all in games) will be a 9 point tie breaker where the first to win 5 points wins. No necessary to win by two in the tiebreaker as this is no-ad play.
  5. Tiebreakers for standings, if two or more persons have the same record, winner of head to head competition goes to the finals. If the tie is not broken by head to head competition, the persons with the least number of games lost move forward. If the tie is still not broken, a nine point tiebreak will be played.
  6. Each player must bring one can of unopened, regulation tennis balls to the tournament. On Saturday, one player on each court will open a new can of balls. The balls will be used for all matches on that court that day. On Sunday, the players who did not open a new can on Saturday will open a new can for Sundays matches.
  7. You may indicate your preference for the A or B division; However, the Tournament Coordinator reserves the right to move players up or down at his discretion if necessary to produce two balanced divisions. No one can play both divisions.
  8. The schedule of matches will be posted at the courts on Saturday morning just prior to the beginning of the first match.
  9. Due to the nature of the tournament, all players must be present both Saturday and Sunday morning to participate. No schedule shifting will be possible.



____ A Division ____ B Division

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Please return entry form to Duncan Brown((443) 778-0437, 9-154, by noon, Thursday, 20 September. Prefer using email to