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APL Inter-Club Tennis Team 2004 - B Division

You may check out the complete standings and results for the league at MCTA Tennis.

Individual APL match results:

6/6/04 APL-B vs. BAE Systems

   APL-B                  BAE Systems
#1 Tamra Payne            Dave Shefsky           0-6,0-6             L
#2 Rob Kober              John Hoffman           3-6,0-6             L
#3 Justin Figel           Tom Lang               6-0,6-1             W
#4 Mike Kane              Bryant Nelson          6-2,6-3             W
#1 Mike Kane/             Tom Griest/            3-6,4-6             L
   Marc Kolodner          John Chin
#2 Tamra Payne/           Dave Shefsky/          6-3,4-6,6-2         W
   Rob Kober              Aye Thein
#3 Justin Figel/          Bruno Mauprivez        6-1,6-3             W
   Ralph Brown            Steve Kerschenbaum
                                                 APL-B               4
                                                 BAE Systems         3

Commentary: The APL Interclub 'B' Team started the season by winning a close 4-3 match. Actually, it was the best type of close match, where the players who lost at singles achieved immediate vindication by winning the deciding match at doubles. The hard courts at Wood Middle School played remarkably well in spite of a little humidity and a few bad bounces off of cicada corpses. We took our lumps on a few of the courts but it's always good to win only the matches you need to win and save some victories for later in the season.

6/13/04 APL-B vs. Quince Orchard -- Rained Out

6/27/04 APL-B vs. Potomac Valley

   APL-B                  Potomac Valley
#1 Rob Kober              Mike Farrell           4-6,1-6             L
#2 Tamra Payne            Kenny Stewart          6-7,6-3,4-6         L
#3 Justin Figel           Tom Armstrong          6-3,6-3             W
#4 Ralph Brown            George Coakley         6-2,6-0             W
#1 Mike Kane/             Mike Farrell/          2-6,7-6(3),1-6      L
   Marc Kolodner          Tom Armstrong
#2 Justin Figel/          Jim Willard/           6-3,6-0             W
   Rob Kober              Mike Greaber
#3 David Lario/           Carlos Cabrera/        6-1,6-0             W
   Ralph Brown            George Coakley
                                                 APL-B               4
                                                 Potomac Valley      3

Commentary: It was deja vu as the APL Team won 4-3 in the same style as the previous match -- losing all the top courts and winning all of the bottom. Is it tremendous depth or brilliant captaining? The captain remarked "The strategy of using the first six players who say yes seems to be working!" The related strategy of so far only playing the teams we are capable of beating might also be a factor (even though it was only luck of the draw and timely rain outs). Nevertheless, winning these early matches puts us in the position to upset the power teams later. Justin played a revenge match, beating the opponent he had lost to last year. Hopefully Ralph is keeping things in perspective despite a 6-2,6-0 singles win and a 6-1,6-0 doubles victory.

7/11/04 APL-B vs. River Falls

   APL-B                  River Falls
#1 Mike Kane              Mark Daniels           4-6,3-6             L
#2 Justin Figel           Mike Charness          7-5,6-3             W
#3 Ralph Brown            Abe Kader              0-6,7-5,1-6         L
#4 David Lario            Mark Plevin            6-3,6-0             W
#1 Marc Kolodner/         Bill Tennis/           6-2,6-2             W
   Bud Kessler            George Allen
#2 Mike Kane/             Barry Hart/            2-6,6-3,6-3         W
   Justin Figel           Paddy Hart
#3 Ralph Brown/           John Holahan/          6-0,6-0             W
   David Lario            Dave Handey
                                                 River Falls         2
                                                 APL-B               5

Commentary: In our first ever visit to River Falls the APL-B team prevailed 5-2. The team was prepared by the captain for a tough clay court slugfest. Upon arrival the captain wondered why a clay court club would have squeegees hanging on the fence -- turns out River Falls has hard courts. Was it incompetence or a clever ploy to motivate the team? The results speak for themselves! Balance and depth won the day again. After three matches the APL-B team is an even 6-6 at singles and 7-2 at doubles. We are 0-3 at #1 singles but 3-0 at #4. Apparently the correct strategy this day was to get behind early and come back. Mike was up 4-0 in the first and 3-2 in the second and lost 4-6,3-6. David was down 0-3 in the first and swept the next 12 games (actually, 24 games if you count the doubles). Justin improved his record to 6-0! Marc and Bud got the team's first win of the season at #1 doubles and Ralph figured out that on a hot day it is better to have decisive sets rather than close ones.

7/18/04 APL-B vs. Edgemoor-1 -- Rained-out



7/25/04 APL-B vs. Montgomery Village


Commentary: Ralph won a singles 3 setter and Rob and Tamra won a doubles match in the post-rain-out confusion.

8/1/04 APL-B vs. Capitol Hill -- Default


Commentary: Capitol Hill defaulted.

8/8/04 APL-B vs. Edgemoor-2

   Edgemoor-2             APL-B
#1 John Olsen             Marc Kolodner          6-2,6-2             W
#2 Henry Kennedy          Justin Figel           3-1 retire          W
#3 Steve Ornstein         Ralph Brown            6-2,6-3             W
#1 Dave Fitzgerald/       Tamra Payne/           6-2,4-6,6-3         W
   Mike Waldman           Rob Kober
#2 Lee Rawls/             Bud Kessler/           6-2,6-1             W
   George Arner           Mike Kane
                                                 Edgemoor-2          5
                                                 APL-B               0

Commentary: Well it had to happen sometime. We were finally forced to play one of the better teams. Where's that rain when you need it? This was a tough opponent as all three of their singles players have played #1 for them in the past. The highlight for our team was a spirited and entertaining match at #1 doubles. There were lots of bang-bang exchanges at the net, lobs, powerful overheads, angles, you name it. Several Edgemoor club member spectators seemed genuinely disappointed to learn that Tamra and Rob were on the opposing team. In the #2 doubles, sure they beat us 2 and 1, but they only got one lob over our heads the entire match. Ha!

APL Inter-Club Tennis Team 2004 - C Division

You may check out the complete standings and results for the league at MCTA Tennis.

5/23/04 APL-C at Westleigh

    Westleigh         APL-C
#1  Tian Jin          Dane Alder       6-1 , 6-1  L
#2  Max Gibiansky     Hyon Park        6-1 , 6-2  L
#3  Joe Price         Andy Calloway    6-2 , 6-3  L
#1  Default           Dane Alder       (default)  W
                      Andy Calloway
#2  Default           Hyon Park        (default)  W
                      Mike Lucks
                                        Westleigh 3
                                        APL-C     2


6/6/04 APL-C at Edgemoor

     Edgemoor         APL-C
#1S  Jonathan Krasner Dane Alder       6-3, 6-1 (L)
#2S  Michael Klaus    Duncan Brown     7-5, 6-0 (L)
#3S  Lars LaTourette  Richard Haywood  6-2, 6-3 (L)
#4S  Stephen Mandell  Ian Martins      6-0, 6-1 (L)

#1D  Michael Klaus/   Dane Alder/      6-3, 6-1 (W)
     David Klaus      Tim Battaglia
#2D  Chris Klose/     Duncan Brown/    6-3, 6-3 (W)
     Bob Biggar       Craig McDonald
#3D  Greg Wetstone/   Paul Bohn/       6-1, 6-2 (L)
     David Nathan     Richard Haywood
                                       Edgemoor 5
                                       APL-C    2

Commentary: The Edgemoor team hosted our match this weekend on really nice Har-Tru courts. We were swept in singles. We had some close games, even though the scores don't reflect it. However we did manage two impressive victories in doubles. It was good to get our first individual wins of the season.

6/13/04 APL-C at Darnestown

   Darnestown             APL-C  (Played 8/1/04)
#1 Nick Sernyi            Tim Battaglia          6-4,7-5           W
#2 Dave Durham            Duncan Brown           5-7,5-7           L
#3 Mike Edison            Ben Bussey             2-6,3-6           L
#1 Rich Wailes/           Tim Battaglia/         6-2,6-3           W
   Jim Rost               Duncan Brown
#2 Pete Rose/             Ben Bussey/            6-0,3-6,2-6       L
   Chris Heslin           Ian Martins
                                                 Darnestown        2
                                                 APL-C             3


6/27/04 APL-C at Carderock played 7/10

     Carderock Springs  APL-C

#1S  Jean-Louis Feve    Dane Alder       2-6, 2-6 (W)
#2S  David W.           Andy Calloway    3-6, 1-6 (W)
#3S  Darrell T.         Ian Martins      6-3, 7-6 (L)

#1D  Bill E./           Dane Alder/      3-6, 1-6 (W)
     Ken B.             Andy Calloway
#2D  Richard D./        Craig McDonald/  2-6, 6-3, 3-6 (W)
     Lou Goodman        Dale Wilson

     Carderock  1
     APL-C      4

Commentary: The Carderock team hosted our match this weekend in a make-up match originally scheduled for 6/27/2004. We pulled out our first victory of the season! Dane and Andy did double duty in singles and doubles thanks to some continued injuries and scheduled travel by many on our team. We swept in doubles and came oh so close in singles. Way to go team!

7/11/04 APL-C at Flower Valley

     Flower Valley    APL-C

#1S  Wayne Randolph   Dane Alder       6-0, 6-1 (L)
#2S  John Vlahakis    Tim Battaglia    6-1, 6-0 (L)
#3S  Barry Gallagher  Andy Calloway    6-1, 6-1 (L)
#4S  Rich Dudley      Ian Martins      6-0, 6-4 (L)

#1D  Gene Sheskin/    Dane Alder/      6-4, 3-6, 6-3 (L)
     Rick Bradley     Tim Battaglia
#2D  Rod Shakley/     Craig McDonald/  3-6, 6-1, 6-0 (L)
     Jim Jarret       Paul Bohn
#3D  Steve Reed/      Andy Calloway/   6-2, 6-1 (L)
     Bob Coleman      Ian Martins

     Flower Valley 7
     APL-C         0

Commentary: The Flower Valley team hosted our match this weekend on really nice Har-Tru courts. Unfortunately we did not continue our momentum from our victory on Saturday. We were swept in singles and doubles. We had some close matches in doubles but were just not able to pull it out. Regardless, we got in some good tennis and had a chance to enjoy the company of our gracious hosts.

7/18/04 APL-C at Bretton Woods (Played 8/15/2004)

#1 Ichiro Otani           Dane Alder             4-6,6-2,7-6     (L)
#2 Jorge Delgado          Duncan Brown           6-0,6-0         (L)
#3 Chris Towe             Andy Calloway          7-5,6-4         (L)
#4 Alex Ameli             Ian Martins            6-0,6-1         (L)
#1 Jorge Delgado/         Dane Alder/            6-4,2-6,4-6     (W)
   Ichiro Otani           Tim Battaglia    
#2 Chris Towe/            Duncan Brown/          2-6,2-6         (W)
   Kal Wajid              Craig McDonald   
#3 Bahram Ameli/          Andy Calloway/         6-4,4-6,3-6     (W)
   Alex Ameli             Rich Dragonette
                                                 Bretton Woods    4
                                                 APL-C            3

Commentary: The Bretton Woods team hosted our match this weekend on Har-Tru courts. Unfortunately we came up just short in the match. We managed to drop all four of our singles matches but claimed supremacy in doubles, winning all three. Our chance at a team victory was stopped short by two close singles matches. Regardless, we got in some good tennis and had a chance to take a rather scenic drive to the end of River Road.

7/25/04 APL-C at Cheverly

   Cheverly               APL-C
#1 Ricky Samsky           Andy Calloway          7-6,7-5,          W
#2 Rob Barnett            Ben Bussey             6-2,6-0,          W
#3 Phil Barnett           Ian Martins            6-2,3-6,6-2       W
#1 Bill Barnes            Andy Calloway          6-1,6-3,          W
   Rob Barnett            Ben Bussey
#2 Unknown                Craig McDonald         3-6,0-6,          L
   Unknown                Dale Wilson
                                                 Cheverly          4
                                                 APL-C             1


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