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2007 B Division Individual Match Results

May 20, 2007

   Home                   Away                   Score               W/L

   Norbeck                APL                    (Postponed until August 12)

Commentary: Norbeck couldn't field a team because their All-Member club golf tournament was on the same day. Where are their priorities!? We tried to reschedule for Memorial Day Weekend, then Father's Day, without success. The new plan is to play some Saturday or at the end of the season on August 12.

June 3, 2007

         Home                  Away                   Score               W/L
         APL                   Potomac Valley
                                                      APL                 5
                                                           Potomac Valley      0 ( Default) 

Commentary: We finally get a home match with the Poolsville team so they have to make the 45 mile drive and they end up defaulting. I think our fancy new courts intimidated them. Eventually we'll get this season started.

This one counts as a win since they didn't surrender until Saturday morning. Too bad, since they've hosted us about six straight, so we owed them a match at our place. It would have also been a revenge match since they knocked us out of the playoffs last year.

June 10, 2007

   Home                   Away                   Score               W/L

   APL                    River Falls

#1 Rob Kober              Mark Daniels           5-7,4-6             L
#2 Mike Kane              Mike Swell             3-6,2-6             L
#3 Justin Figel           Abe Kader              6-2,6-2             W
#4 Tim McGee              Mark Plevin            2-6,2-6             L
#1 Marc Kolodner/         Pablo Gottret/         3-6,2-6             L
   Tamra Kober            Mark Daniels
#2 Mike Kane/             Pat McGowan/           6-3,6-4             W
   Bud Kessler            Mark Plevin
#3 Ralph Brown/           Brian Rosen/           3-6,6-3,3-6         L
   Tim McGee              Mike Opshal
                                                 APL                 2
                                                 River Falls         5

Commentary: The APL team lost last Sunday in our first home match on the new courts. The courts are so new that there is no home court advantage yet. I know I was surprised by how slow they played compared to our old courts. The underground watering system really keeps them moist. Of course there was a slight drizzle on the ride up, so the courts may have been slower than normal. All things considered, the new facility is great -- the equivalent of a well maintained private club. It was nice to not need to apologize in advance to the opposing team for the playing conditions. The River Falls guys were very gracious in complementing us on the new facility.

June 24, 2007

   Away                   Home                   Score               W/L

   APL                    Edgemoor

#1 Chris Chiu             John Olson             4-6,6-2,7-6(8)      W
#2 Jose de Buerba         Greg Merrill           4-6,1-3 (Retired)    L
#3 Rob Kober              Jon DuBrow             6-2,6-7(5),7-5      W
#4 Mike Kane              Henry Kennedy          3-6,6-1,4-0 (Ret)   W
#1 Marc Kolodner/         Lee Rawls/             2-6,6-7(8)           L
   Justin Figel           Robert Goldman
#2 Tamra Kober/           Greg Lawler/           3-6,6-3,5-7          L
   Ralph Brown            Peter Lawler
#3 Bud Kessler/           George Arner/          2-6,4-6              L
   Mark Smalley           Trevor
                                                 Edgemoor            4
                                                 APL                 3

Commentary: We were one sprained ankle away from sweeping the singles over the perennial powerhouse in the Sunday league. Chris showed impressive nerve by hitting some wicked forehand return winners, including one when facing match point. Ironically, Jose, our best slider on clay, sprained his right ankle when forced to approach the net. Rob outlasted his opponent who was suffering from leg and hand cramps. Mike's opponent also appeared to have some unspecified physical problems that forced him to retire. Does this mean our team is above average in fitness? Who says we're getting old? We came close in the doubles to pulling off the upset.

July 1, 2007

   Away                   Home                   Score               W/L

   APL                    Quince Orchard

#1 Rob Kober              Howard Cheris          6-0,6-1             W
#2 Mike Kane              Fabio Rincon           1-6,6-7(5)          L
#3 Tamra Kober            Mario Ordonez          6-3,0-6,6-4         W
#4 Tim McGee              Andrew Szymczak        6-1,1-6,0-6         L
#1 Rob Kober/             Andrew Szymczak/       6-7,7-6,(10-7)      W
   Tamra Kober            Bill Szymczak
#2 Ralph Brown/           Corey Druskin/         6-4,3-6,0-6         L
   Mark Smalley           James Textoris
#3 Vlad Karasik/          John Walker/           3-6,2-6             L
   Mike Kane              Fabio Rincon
                                                 Quince Orchard      4
                                                 APL                 3

Commentary: The team lost another 3-4 match at Quince Orchard last Sunday. If I could have figured out how to get four wins out of Rob and Tamra we would have had them. Once 8 month old Christofer Kober starts playing we'll have a formidable team. What's with all of these 0-6 third sets!? Last week the opposing team faded, this week it was us. Special thanks to Vlad (a last minute replacement for Marc K.) who was playing his first ever doubles match. He said he wanted to call the balls that landed in the alley out.

July 8, 2007

   Away                   Home                   Score               W/L

   APL            Norbeck

#1 Rob Kober      Mike O'Brien     7-5,6-4             W
#2 Jose de Buerba Phil Blum        6-1,6-2             W
#3 Mike Kane      Martin Hakim-Din 6-1,6-2             W
#1 Ralph Brown/   Mark Geier/      2-5 (Retired)       L
   Tamra Kober    David Geier
#2 Mark Smalley/  Matt Hopwood/    1-6,2-6             L
   Tim McGee      Andrew Balfour
                                   Norbeck             2
                                   APL                 3

Commentary: After two tough 3-4 losses the APL Team bounced back with a 3-2 victory over previously undefeated Norbeck. Rob got a couple of loose points from his opponent and that was enough to make the difference in a very close match. Jose cruised on his sprained ankle -- this against a player known for his tendency to drop shot. The remarkable two-week recovery must have something to do with playing soccer. Mike had a good match-up -- someone who misses even sooner than he does. Ralph had some heat problems at #1 doubles and from the patio it looked like Mark and Tim were winning, so the match was closer than the score.

July 15, 2007

   Home                   Away                   Score               W/L

   APL                    Potomac Valley

#1 Rob Kober              Paul Bumbry            6-0,6-0             W
#2 Jose de Buerba         Kenny Stewart          6-0,6-3             W
#3 Justin Figel           Ken Sholes             6-1,6-2             W
#1 Ralph Brown/           Paul Bumbry/           6-7,6-4,(6-10)      L
   Marc Kolodner          Kenny Stewart
#2 Mike Kane/             (default)              6-0,6-0 (default)   W
   Tamra Kober
                                                 APL                 4
                                                 Potomac Valley      1

Commentary: We had a routine win over the 0-7 Potomac Valley team this Sunday. It looked like our guys were a lot more comfortable on the clay. Since I sat out the singles I was able to shoot a bunch of photos of the match.

July 22, 2007

   Away                   Home                   Score               W/L

   APL                    River Falls

#1 Rob Kober              Mark Daniels           6-3,4-6,(8-10)      L
#2 Jose de Buerba         Mike Charness          6-2,6-3             W
#3 Justin Figel           Pablo Gottrett         5-7,4-6             L
#1 Mike Kane/             Mark Daniels/          4-6,5-7             L
   Marc Kolodner          Mike Charness
#2 Mark Smalley/          Mark Plevin/           6-4,4-6,0-1         L
   Tamra Kober            Abe Kader
                                                 River Falls         4
                                                 APL                 1

Commentary: The team came up short on the hard courts at River Falls yesterday. Every match that we lost was close. In cases like that it's better to lose 4-1 than 3-2. That way the blame for losing can be spread around and no one needs to think "If only I'd won my match the team would have won." The River Falls team should be an inspiration to us all. They really don't have any truly dominant players yet they seem to always win the close matches. They've advanced from occasional C League contenders to their current 7-0 perch on top of the B League with essentially the same players.

July 29, 2007

   Home                   Away                   Score               W/L

   APL                    Edgemoor
             Postponed                           Edgemoor


August 5, 2007

   Home                   Away                   Score               W/L

   APL                    Quince Orchard
                                                 Quince Orchard


August 13, 2007

   Home                   Away                   Score               W/L

   Norbeck                APL