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APL Inter-Club Tennis Team 2002 - B Division

Individual match results: 5/19/02 APL at Cheverly (Win 4-3)

#1 Mike Kane          Jeremy Gibney          5-7,1-6            L
#2 Ralph Brown        Jeff Barnes            6-7,1-6            L
#3 Pat Newell         Bill Barnes            6-2,6-0            W
#4 Rob Sevick         Ricky Sanders          6-2,6-1            W
#1 Mike Kane/         Jeremy Gibney/         4-6,6-3,(8-10)     L
   Rob Sevick         Jeff Barnes
#2 Allen Neyman/      Aaron Carter/          6-2,6-2            W
   Tom Brady          Jim Murphy
#3 Ralph Brown/       Bill Barnes/           6-2,6-1            W
   Pat Newell         Jim Samsky

Commentary: The APL Inter-Club Team picked up where they left off last year, winning another match by the minimum margin, 4-3. Torrential rains from the day before left the Cheverly courts in a swamp. The hard-working crew was able to prepare one red clay, two har-tru and one hard court for the matches. It takes more than a tornado to stop Sunday league play.

It's funny as we play the same opponents each year how they get bigger and stronger and we just get older. Our team depth, such as it was with only six players available, paid off as we won the team match even though the top courts were lost at singles and doubles. There were some creative excuses for not being available to play this week, such as: "I'd like to play but I'm in Thailand" and "I have a broken bone in my foot." Captain Mike Kane normally does not accept those as valid reasons however he was lenient because he can't play the next match, claiming "the dog ate my tennis racquet."

6/2/02 Montgomery Village at APL (Loss 2-5)

#1 Pat Newell         Jon Boustany            1-6, 0-6          L
#2 Ralph Brown        Dave Kruckoff           7-6, 4-6, 6-4     W
#3 Justin Figel       Jerry McClellan         2-6, 1-6          L
#4 Gary Gerber        Odell Hawkins           6-3, 7-5          W
#1 Ralph Brown/       Jerry McClellan/        2-6, 4-6          L
   Gary Gerber        Jim Heskett
#2 Pat Newell/        Jon Boustany/           1-6, 3-6          L
   Joe Scheulpner     Reisiend
#3 Harry Chiu/        Wollard/                2-6, 0-6          L
   Dennis Kershner    Beltrano

Commentary: Looks like MVTA beefed up their team for this year. New member Gary Gerber debuted with a win at #4 singles and Ralph toughed it out for five sets and got the #2 singles win. We'll keep rotating players through the #1 singles until somebody wins.

6/9/02 Westleigh at APL (Win 5-2)

#1 Ralph Brown        Joe Cassidy            6-4,6-1            W
#2 Justin Figel       Tion Jin               3-6,6-2,3-6        L
#3 Gary Gerber        Joe Price              6-2,6-0            W
#4 Mike Kane          default                default            W
#1 Mike Kane/         Dan Kenshalo/          6-2,6-3            W
   Tom Brady          Shozo Takagi
#2 Harry Chiu/        J. Gorrinson/          6-4,6-7,6-7        L
   Rob Sevick         Egan Skinner
#3 Ralph Brown/       Tom Lawson/            6-2,6-3            W
   Gary Gerber        Lowell Phillips

Commentary: Except for losses at #2 singles and #2 doubles, the APL team continued their dominance over the Westleigh club. One of our losing teammates was overheard saying "In that third set I played like [number two]. " I'm not sure what they meant. We have a bye for Father's Day and then begin the meaty part of our schedule. You may check out the complete standings and results for the league at MCTA Tennis. Our next opponent is using one of our former ringers. Is that legal?

6/23/02 BAE Systems at APL (Win 4-3)

#1 Chris Chiu         Alex Chi               6-1,6-1
#2 Mike Kane          Alfredo Cerrotis       4-6,6-0,7-6(7)
#3 Ralph Brown        Raul Tran              4-6,3-6
#4 Justin Figel       Dat Vu                 6-3,6-1
#1 Mike Kane/         Alex Chi/              1-6,2-6
   Tom Brady          Phouy Sengsourinh
#2 Tamra Payne/       Alfredo Cerrotis/      6-0,6-1
   Rob Sevick         Steve Kerschenbaum
#3 Ralph Brown/       Allen Bladen/          2-6,4-6
   Dennis Kershner    Raj Bharwani

Commentary: C League move-ups BAE Systems (a.k.a. Vitro, Tracor, Marconi,... why doesn't Lockheed just buy them and get it over with?) were great sports, allowing us in advance to use Chris. Captain Kane wishes he had told Chris to take it easy as BAE #1 Alex wasted no time getting revenge in the doubles. Mike's singles tie-break win was the highlight as he faced down a couple of match points at 4-6 in the breaker. Justin came out with renewed determination and took no prisoners this week. He even repeated one of the captain's quips that #4 Singles is more pressure than 1, 2 or 3 because there is no place to drop after 4. Captain Kane was surprised that people actually listen to some of the things he says -- that realization could change everything! Tamra and Rob came through to seal the victory. Special thanks to all of the doubles teams who had to wait for the singles to finish.

7/14/02 APL at Edgemoor (Postponed -- Rain)





7/28/02 APL at Norbeck Country Club (Loss 1-4)

#1 Chris Chiu         Neale Castillo         7-5,6-2
#2 Mike Kane          Carl Vail              0-6,1-6
#3 Ralph Brown        Paul Levine            1-6,3-6
#1 Chris Chiu/        David Geier/           5-7,4-6
   Greg Chambers      Mark Geier
#2 Steve Greif/       Paul Levine/           4-6,0-6
   Mike Kane          Phil Blum

Commentary: Norbeck Country Club (7-0) completed their domination of the B League with a 4-1 victory over APL (3-2). At least nobody lost love-and-love.

8/4/02 (Rescheduled from 6/30/02) Quince Orchard at APL (Win 5-2)

#1 Ralph Brown        Christian Jordan       2-6,0-6            L
#2 Tamra Payne        Brian McIntee          2-6,2-6            L
#3 David Lario        Randy Sharshan         6-1,6-0            W
#4 Mike Kane          (default)              6-0,6-0 (def)      W
#1 Tom Brady/         Doug Dembling/         7-5,3-6,3-3 (ret)  W
   Allen Neyman       Larry Spaccasi
#2 Steve Greif/       Tony Cornish/          6-3,6-3            W
   Pat Newell         John Sze
#3 Mike Kane/         Christian Jordan/      7-5,6-4            W
   Tamra Payne        Dwight Muhlbradt

Commentary: The quality of play at the top singles positions is getting stronger every year. Lucky we have depth. Ralph volunteered to play singles (although he wasn't aware that it was at #1 or that his opponent played varsity tennis at both Notre Dame and William & Mary) -- Okay, maybe the captain forgot to mention it. The rest of the first year Quince Orchard team was in our strike zone and we welcomed them to the league.

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